Wheelin’ Adventure

This was without a doubt an eye opening assignment, it gave me a look into the struggle that people have while trying to access the UNR campus in a wheelchair. Our journey around campus was no easy task, we wheeled the campus from its most southern reaches all the way to north end. It was a struggle to get around and complete our tasks on a campus that is not very accessible. We were able to document and track our adventure around the campus along with some of the problems that we had. Check it out here!

How Higher Education minimizes access

Good op-ed piece highlighting the short-sighted thinking that pervades educational entities K-20

Yet another semester is underway, and students with disabilities will yet again be left behind because schools are not providing equal access to electronic materials. The issue has been a subject of escalating tension between students with disabilities and their universities. Surprisingly, a common-sense, noncontroversial solution to solve this problem exists in a bipartisan, bicameral bill being considered by Congress. Even better, Massachusetts representatives have taken center stage in support of this solution; the Senate version was introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren and cosponsored by Senator Ed Markey, and Representative Joseph Kennedy III supports the House version.

Source: Un-interpreting the letter of the law



Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Kickstarter funded movie this looks to be a great piece on autism in a neo-realist vein. Not your Father’s Rain Man. It will strike a cord in those who remember Avonte Oquendo however the movie was in preparation long before those events.  Intimate closeup of Ricky drawing

“Stand Clear of the Closing Doors” is the story of Ricky, a 13-year-old boy with autism, and his mother, Mariana. An undocumented immigrant from Mexico, Mariana works long days cleaning houses while Ricky, deeply imaginative but painfully isolated, struggles to cope. They live in Rockaway Beach, Queens along with Ricky’s rebellious older sister, Carla, and semi-absent father, Ricardo Sr.

Carla doesn’t pick Ricky up from school one day and as he walks home alone, he is scolded by Mariana over the phone. Blocking out his mother’s wrath, he is swooned by a mysterious dragon figure into the subway. This marks the beginning of the young boy’s odyssey of self-discovery, where his confrontation with the bizarre, indifferent world of the subway pushes him to interact with the world.

Mariana’s search brings her out into her neighborhood in new ways. She forms a new relationship with the beach and befriends a shopkeeper who knows her son. As days pass with no sign of Ricky and an impending hurricane, the divisions that the family has tried to ignore are brought to light.

“Stand Clear of the Closing Doors” is a family drama rooted in the vibrant depiction of a seldom-seen community on the city’s edge. With an eye-opening view of life on the autism spectrum, the film simultaneously explores the strains of the immigrant experience. The film is about identity and conformity; communication and intolerance. It explores the dark spaces between us, seeking out the peculiar threads that tie us together.


Stand clear of the closing door trailer

Ricky in subway station as train pulls in

Jesse measures up

Jesse gives us a detailed accessibility report of a Reno destination.  Check his video report: ACCESS Report: Reno Startup Row at West Street Market.


Just working on my biceps…

Hills, hills, hills..narrow hallways, heavy doors, and did I mention hills? This experience has taught me to open my eyes and look at things differently. As I went to each check point I now got to experience first hand how difficult it is to get around campus. I now notice those sidewalks that are not accessible and the doors that don’t have an automatic door opener. Worst part of this whole experience was not being able to find an accessible bathroom in the beginning! Now thats all I notice every where I go. How accessible are these places and if there not shame on them, lets try and do something about it!

Here’s a little insight of my journey!

Keep on Wheeling

Being in a wheelchair isn’t as easy at it seems. Maneuvering between people, going up and down hills and entering buildings, proved challenging. Here is link theto my experience.

The Struggle is Wheel

I have gained a very strong appreciation for those that must deal with the struggles of being in a wheelchair every day, this was an unforgettable experience. Click here to see my UNR wheelchair experience.


Continue reading The Struggle is Wheel

Wheelchairing through campus is harder than I thought…

The saying “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” truly applies to this experience. I was introduced to struggles my peers encounter on a daily basis and became more aware about my campus and the improvements that can be made.





My Achy Breaky Hands!

Having completed this wheel chairing assignment it has really opened my eyes to so many obstacles that disabled individuals have to overcome.  Our campus here at The University of Nevada Reno is so not accessible to individuals who may be limited to the use of only a wheelchair.  There are a lot of older portions of campus that are almost impossible to get to because of lack of accessibility due to non-ADA compliant standards.  Above all though I think this assignment really opened my eyes to how much I take for granted in my life.  I have the ability to walk wherever I need to go and if there are stairs no problem I can just walk right up them.  This really put into perspective how much struggle these individuals have to go through just for the everyday simplistic tasks that we who are not disabled take so for granted.  I can walk to my car and jump and and go wherever I need to go.  A disabled individual who is confined to a wheel chair does not have that luxury and has to depend on either public transportation or some form of assistance.  This assignment has really made me take a step back and like I mentioned before just be so very grateful for what I am able to do.  I at first thought what a pain this assignment would be but it really opened my eyes to just a glimpse of what a person in a wheelchair has to deal with.  Our campus has a lot of work that needs to be done in order to become a more wheel chair accessible campus.

Sore Hands and a New Appreciation for Individuals with Disabilities

Going into this project, I had no idea what I was about to face.  This project was one of the biggest challenges that I have had to face throughout my college experience.  This can be documented through the Wheeling_around website.  Though I found this project to be hard, it was one of the biggest eye openers of my life!  I did not realize the many hardships that individuals with disabilities have to face on a daily basis.  This project also showed me how bad UNR is when it comes to being handicap accessibility.  It took me and my partner a few hours to complete this project and had a very difficult time finding ramps and door opening buttons.  It was also a workout. WOW! My arms were sore the next day and my fingers and hands hurt.  I am so glad that I got this opportunity to get the chance to participate in this activity.  I have learned many important lessons from this and could not be happier with what I have learned.

All Accessible

All Disabilities and Accessabilities


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Education about universal, accessible and inclusive design

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Olmstead Project

Project to consider policy and practices for children placed out of state

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